Code of Conduct

Every student must abide by the Code of Conduct established by Rowntree Montessori School. All students will receive a copy of the Code at the beginning of the school year.


Rowntree Montessori School provides a learning environment designed to meet individual needs and promoting personal development and social growth. Every member of the school’s community has the right to work, learn, and play free from disruption form others. Our School’s Code of Conduct outlines the school’s expectation of behavior.

Through the implementation of the Code’s rules and regulations, we assure a harmonious and a positive atmosphere where adults and teachers act as positive role models for the students, treating them with love and respect. Our students are expected to behave in the same manner, exhibiting traits such as courtesy and consideration for others, personal and intellectual honesty and a respect for the rights and property of others. We employ a strict policy on students who display aggressive behaviour to others and jeopardize other students’ safety. Self-discipline and a willingness of students to accept responsibility for and the consequences of their actions and conduct are fundamental to the Code. Every student at Rowntree Montessori School must abide by the following rules of behavior and conduct.

At all times, students shall:

  • Respect others;
  • Behave and be polite in and around the school, exhibiting grace and courtesy;
  • Respect uniform and neatness regulations;
  • Behave calmly and never resort to violence;
  • Respect the physical condition and cleanliness of the property of others;
  • Start school on time i.e. 9:00 a.m.
  • Tell the truth and accept responsibility for own action;
  • Follow instructions given by teachers;
  • Immediately bring to the teacher’s attention any verbal or physical action or conduct which violates the Code of Conduct;
  • Abstain from chewing gum;
  • Stay in the classroom during class time;
  • Keep their hands to themselves;
  • At all times, students must not hit or kick other students;
  • Walk in the hallways (no running);
  • Wear the established uniform.


  • No tolerance on having drugs, alcohol or cigarettes on the school premises;
  • Use lockers at specified times;
  • Use washrooms at specified times (not to hang out in washrooms).

In class, students shall:

  • Store their belongings neatly and maintain clean desks and tidiness in the class;
  • Raise their hands before speaking;
  • Remain seated and calm and speak quietly;
  • Follow teacher’s instruction;
  • Never leave the class without the teacher’s permission.

In corridors, students shall:

  • Remain calm and quiet;
  • Walk and refrain from running.

While using washrooms, students shall:

  • Refrain from inappropriate conduct such as crawling under stalls, throwing paper towels, flooding the toilet with paper, etc.;
  • Clean up own spills and messes both around the sink and toilet;
  • Flush toilet after every use;
  • Wash hands after every use.

During recess, students shall:

  • Go outside unless they are serving recess detention, have teacher’s permission or have an explanatory note from their parents;
  • Take care not to harm others;
  • Be polite to their friends by respecting their games and maintaining fair play;
  • Throw garbage in designated bins and keep playground clean;
  • Refrain from fighting or playing aggressive games;
  • Remain in their designated areas;
  • Never leave the playground without permission from teachers.

During meals, students shall:

  • Remain calm, and seated while eating, keeping the noise level to a minimum;
  • Have proper table manners;
  • Wash hands before meals;
  • Clean up after oneself;
  • Refrain from throwing food away.

On school bus, students shall:

  • Walk, not run, in an orderly fashion to and from the bus;
  • Remain in their seats with their seat belt fastened at all times;
  • Refrain from eating or drinking;
  • Keep the noise level low;
  • Walk on the sidewalk and respect the property and rights of others while passing by.

Students are expected to comply with the school regulations at all times. When students fail to comply with these rules, disciplinary measures will be taken and parents will be notified of any occurrences and the consequences imposed on the child.